24 November 2008


As part of the new baby gift my friend Liz has ordered, I made these soft bell balls to go with Miss Ladybird the Rabbit. tiny happy has a great tutorial here on how to make these, I just added a bell when I was stuffing and did some extra stitching to hold the ends together.
Needless to say I did first attempt these without a pattern, and ended up with a flat version, so a new pin cushion it is!

21 November 2008


I was pleased as punch to see that Garry the rabbit made it to the front page of madeit yesterday! Exciting to think of people looking at my shop. And a lovely buyer purchased Dancing Daisy so I am thrilled she is going to a good home.

20 November 2008


Little Miss Ladybird the rabbit, a custom order for my friend. I'm sure she'll be renamed by the lovely little girls she is going to, but I do like coming up with their names once they are finished.

16 November 2008


There have been a few firsts happening lately, like my first quilt attempt. This baby quilt / play mat is for my expectant sis-in-law & brother for their first bub. I can't wait to meet them.
I also made my first overseas sale of Petunia the rabbit to a lovely buyer in California who had this to say, "Petunia arrived today! As soon as I took her out of her (beautiful) packaging, her arms and legs flopped around which just melted my heart! :)". I am thrilled to know someone loves my rabbits as much as I enjoy making them. Thank you!
And I have just set up my shop on www.madeit.com.au, yet another first for me.

12 November 2008


My first lettuce grown in a pot in the back courtyard. Yum. And you can just make out in the pot behind my first strawberry (already eaten now!)

11 November 2008


My good friend has asked I make a brightly coloured small coin purse for a gift, so I made two! If she wants something different, I'll pop these onto etsy. Its good to get in an hour or so of sewing after work.

09 November 2008


These two zippered purses are for two friends whose birthdays are tomorrow. Made with using upholstery fabric samples and lined with 100% cotton. I love mixing and matching the fabric pieces together. Happy Birthday Sarah & Naomi!


My lovely Granny let me rummage through three boxes of goodies to come up with my own box of fabric scraps. I recognise lots of these materials from childhood pyjama's, a skirt of mum's, a smocked dress Granny made for me and her current bedspread made of yo-yo's. Its a real treasure trove for making bunnies and other inspiring treats, like little Custard here . .

03 November 2008


Meet Petunia in pink and Rose the rabbit, the latest additions to the rabbit family. Rose is a bit more delicate than the boys, and I love the material of her skirt which is from a vintage sheet I found. Petunia's skirt is also from a vintage sheet, one my friend found in an Op Shop and bought for me. Thanks Soph!

02 November 2008


Barry got a big brother, Garry green pants.