20 December 2008


For afternoon tea we are having cucumber sandwiches and forgotten cookies! Yum.
Forgotten cookies are a great one to make the night before and forget about in the oven as you turn it off when you put them in.
cucumber sandwiches
some dill - chopped or I used the dill in a tube
a Lebanese cucumber finely sliced
soft butter or mayo
fresh white bread with crusts cut off
assemble the sandwiches, and cut into thirds, and serve freshly made
forgotten cookies (my granny's recipe)
2 egg whites beaten until firm
2/3 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1/2 cup chopped peacans
1/2 cup chocolate drops
pre-heat the oven to 185C. Beat the eggs till peaky and slowly add the sugar. Add the essence and fold in the chopped peacans & chocolate. Spoon onto a tray lined with grease-proof paper. Place in oven and turn the oven off! Leave overnight in the cooling oven or at least 5 hours. enjoy!

19 December 2008


Delighted to see Rose the Rabbit was on the front page of madeit.com.au yesterday! I must fix my images so that the thumbnails are not so blurry.

Meanwhile I have my last day at work today before my holiday to New Zealand for christmas with my brother and his gorgeous family. I can't wait! Here are a couple of scenic shots from another christmas in NZ.

14 December 2008


I have just added these to my madeit shop and there seems to be a bit of a yellow theme happening. Maybe I am trying to add a touch of sunshine to what has been a very wet weekend.

13 December 2008


the sky is white with rain clouds today and it hasn't stopped pouring since last night. there's a puddle forming at my front gate with a swirly reflection. not sure what happened to summer, but its great for my pot plants.

09 December 2008


A lovely surprise when I logged on this morning to see I have been included in a Treasury with some gorgeous items. Thank you Vanilla Pixie! I am having problems getting a screen shot and have to run off to work . . so heres some pics of my recent present making instead.

small purses for the neices to be filled with chocolate money for christmas

a sweet faced rabbit in mauve flowers for my god-daughters 2nd birthday

a couple of soft christmas trees, one pre-bell, for a couple of good friends

05 December 2008


I finally managed to sort out my Granny's scrap box into some sort of order, now I just have to add my lovely Aunt's wonderful contribution. I think I need more shelves!

04 December 2008


My Christmas decorations went up on Sunday after running around looking in every cupboard for them, and I decided to make these little soft trees following Stephanie Congdon Barnes easy pattern. I love all the different styles as seen here in this flickr group. And that is a dark pink felt as I couldn't find any red!

03 December 2008


I made all these this morning in a sewing purse frenzy, and they have all been purchased by a brand new gorgeous shop in Northcote called 'The Local Shop'. So my first time supplying to a retail store! They are so new there's no web link, but they are at 262 High Street, Northcote.

All of my purses have lovely linings . . I thinks its a treat to open your purse and see something different.

01 December 2008

jingle birds

Two more birds but this time I added a bell inside for a soft jingle.

And some pics of my garden, happy to see some flowers in bloom.