07 January 2009


As part of my Granny's stash, I also was given this unfinished wool embroidery piece started by my Great Aunt Ethel. This was handed to my Grandma after her sister-in-law Ethel passed away, and with all the other projects she had on it was never completed. So this lovely treasure has ended up in my hands. Rather than trying to complete it, which would take me ages and probably get passed on again unfinished, I have made it into a cushion that I can enjoy now.
I love the detail in the stitching and the bold art deco design. I added some twisted cord piping, a black zip from Savers and used a seeded cream cotton drill for the back. I think it'll be for my bed.


Anonymous said...

Finnnnalllly! The computer is all fixed and I have made it to your blog! I didn't catch up with you before you left but there are lovely little crafty reminders all around our house of your visit. I have been showing off your talents to my craft group cronies. They are all very impressed. Miss you! Vic xx.

billy boy & mia said...

hey Vic, was great to see you over xmas, sorry there wasn't more time to hang out . . next time! xx sares