11 January 2009


I had a massive tidying day yesterday, and apart from attacking the filing in-tray that was as big as Uluru, I also sorted out my jewellery drawer. This has unearthed some of my treasures.
  • a sparkly hair clip from when i was 12
  • a colourful chicken brooch
  • a very old horse pendant
  • a smiley pendant that was once an earring (until I lost one)
  • a lovely inlaid green fish ring from Barcelona . . slightly too small but i couldn't resist it
  • and my old horse tie-pin
Some of these got more use than others when I was growing up . . and now I have re-found them they'll get some more!

Plus I have made a couple more purses for the shops, bit of a blue lining theme today, to go with the summer blue skies.

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