01 February 2009


after:um, so it looks like theres been nuclear fallout in my backyard after the heatwave of 40+ degree days last week. Poor potplants. not sure if they'll make it back. Although a good excuse to buy new plants in autumn.


michvanetta said...

Oh the poor plants.
The heatwave really took it's toll on alot of plant and wildlife.

My mum found a baby possum on her front lawn this morning that had died in the heat.

I have a large bush out the front and it's totally blackened.
Let's hope it doesn't climb back up to those temperatures again.

billy boy & mia said...

Sad about the little possum. Hopefully we get some rain soon. x

Craftyallsorts said...

Oh My Golliwoggle!!! Poor Plants!
it's quite sad to see what's happening and the news on the Bushfires in VIC at the moment. Hope you are ok there ... xo