04 April 2009


yay! my gorgeous tea cosy arrived that I bought through madeit from artandwool. I asked for a specific colour combination and it exactly matches my kitchen, I am very impressed. And beautifully made too. Thanks Shirley! I had to make a pot of tea straight away. I can't stop looking at it.
This afternoon I have yet another cousins wedding (three so far this year). I found this dress in a shop called 'Deborucci's For Pete Sake' on Phillip Island when i was visiting my grandma. I always find something great in there. I love the colours and can't wait to wear it today. Hopefully the sun stays out.


Em said...

Love the colours! Your kitchen must be amazing! piccys?!?!?

Designers Emporium BLOG said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Tea always tastes so much better when prior wrapped in a gorgeous cosy!

billy boy & mia said...

Thanks! Tea does tase better!

And Em, I'll take some pics when I am next there . . it is mainly white with soft pale green walls. Theres a touch of tiny mosaic tiles in green, with red & orange etc. Will take pics, hard to describe!