19 April 2009

tea cosy home

heres a couple of pics of my kitchen as the lovely Em wanted to see how my gorgeous new tea cosy fitted in. Its a pretty basic white kitchen really, had it done up over a year ago and kept the old tiled chimney fireplace where my table just fits in. Decided to add colour with the paint, in the soft green, so I could always change this easily later. Plus the small green mosaic tiles around the chimney were already there.


Em said...

I am in ENVY! I especially love white kitchens.... My whole kitchen would probably fit nicely in your chimney hole teehee..... Thanks for posting piccys I would show you pics of mine, only I can't seem to find it this morning! It's possibly under all the dishes, but I'm not game to look. Cheers have a happy day.

Kylie B said...

Oh wow What a beautiful Kitchen, Loving the teacozy!

Thank-you for leaving me some Love on my Blog!