26 July 2009

tea towel cushions

I think I have a New Zealand tea towel obsession! I found these tea towels on my last NZ visit and had to make them into cushions for my lounge. They take five minutes to make, I just cut a tea towel in half across the middle and sew in a long zip the same colour as the border. They have an art deco feel to me. Maybe its the writing style. They also remind me of my brother and his family living in NZ, so nice to have on the couch at home.

I also recently sold a jingle bird, and I have been trying different packaging and wrapping styles where I can use fabric scraps. Here's what I ended up sending off.

Plus I bought myself some make it perfect patterns from duckcloth, very keen to give the wrap around skirt a go!


Cass said...

The wrap skirt and the hat are great patterns

Red Letter Studio said...

i think that is my jingle bird! loved the packaging. and I love those tea towel cushions! super cute :o)

.girl ferment. said...

the wrapping looks gorgeous