09 August 2009


last weekend i had a lovely time at my dad's farm with my brother, sis-in-law, newest niece and 92 yr old grandma, who is amazing. Managed to get some knitting done in my pj's, had a walk in the late afternoon light, ate some yummy food (thanks Z), rounded up the very docile neighbors bull and just relaxed. But not in that order!

this weekend i returned from bendigo to find some treats in the mail . . a gorgeous necklace from Amber White of beadinbabe and some great recycled paper fridge magnets from Green Post. great packaging that included a thank you love heart that must have seeds in it as it says to plant the card! cool. Plus my madeit cards have arrived! Looking forward to using these.


Thea said...

The farm looks & sounds lovely. I wish I could have a little farm holiday.

michvanetta said...

YAY I received my madeit cards too, can't wait to send one out :)

Lauren said...

Where did you get the madeit cards from?