18 August 2009

more goodies

good morning! I needed some new soap so found The Soap Dish on madeit and bought these gorgeous handmade soaps and got a little treat of some tiny handsoap samples - yum!
Plus I found these great industrial felt coasters on etsy from girls can tell for some lads birthday presies coming up in a couple of months. One has a bike design and the other a plane. So these are in the presie box ready, had to just buy them when i saw them.

Right now i am having breakfast before I head to the day job - sultana bran, honey yoghurt, blueberries (defrosted ones) and a nice cuppa. What do you have in the mornings?

1 comment:

Tina - Melbourne Vintage said...

why thanks for asking - i like to have bircher muesli soaked in water overnight with fresh greek yoghurt and honey. MMMMMMHHHHHH. Love the soaps - do they smell lovely too?