06 September 2009

sweet dreams

i like food and i like sleep so i have combined the two making a doona cover from a lovely embroidered tablecloth! I bought the tablecloth, some doilies, and some cream queen size sheets all from the op shop. I lay the sheets on my bed for rough measurements, trimmed them down to doona size, then pinned the tablecloth to one of the sheets after folding and ironing in center creases. Then whipped it through the ever reliable husqvarna, sewing the tablecloth to a sheet first, before sewing the sheets together to make the doona cover. I had enough trimmed sheet fabric to make two pillowcases, so attached some embroidered doilies for decoration. I am really pleased with the result!

i also found on madeit a lovely ring made with the handle of a teaspoon by forkometry, so this arrived in the post! Thanks! Not a good pic, but it has pears and leaves on it and I love it!

I also bought a great green beaded necklace from blackiki, great packaging and well made - plus some free macthing earrings! Thanks!! - no pics yet as i can't find my camera battery charger - so frustrating!! Oh well, will have to see if i can dig out the old camera.


Leah said...

Your bed looks beautiful, I collect all of those items from op shops too, I'm running out of storage space!

ChallenCharms said...

I love the tablecloth idea! Very nice.