18 October 2009

christmas holly

with my new note book i started doing some scribbling last night and ended up with an idea for a simple christmas decoration, these easy holly leaves.  So i thought i would add in the pattern and basic notes for anyone that wanted to make these - definitely very easy!
here's the pattern i made.  If you want the pdf so you have the actual size to print, email me and i'll be happy to send it to you.
Just cut out two bits of felt and two bits of fabric, good to use up some scraps.  I used pinking shears to reduce fraying on the fabric, and folded the pattern in half when cutting.

 then just sew two pieces together down the middle, and repeat for the other leaf. 

Sew the two leaves together and then either knot some ribbon ends for the holly berries, or attach little bells, or perhaps buttons would be sweet.  i used the zipper foot to get past the little bells.

and voila!  easy peasey christmas decorations for gift wrapping presents, pop in a christmas card as an extra treat or as simple tree ornament.



ChallenCharms said...

Cute idea Sarah.

Michelle Soldatos said...

I find anyone who sews amazing! I tried to use a sewing machine once I was very unsuccessful but hand sewing I can do ;) ... I just had to type coxing in the word verification??

handmade clothing at lillipilli lane said...

hey these are sweet, what a good idea! Nice work.

Little Eve said...

These are lovely and open to so many different colour options.

billy boy & mia said...

thanks for your comments! :)

Michelle, funny word verification! Sometimes they are very bizarre.

Katie said...

Very cute.