17 October 2009


 These happy penguins i purchased ages ago from Vinyl Design and i have been meaning to show you how they are marching in my bathroom above the sea mosaic tiles!  They make me smile in the mornings.  I grew up with fairy penguins (as they were known back then) under my house - i come from phillip island!  Now they are in my bathroom.
I also received this lovely fabric covered notebook from Chicken Ink. so i can scribble my thoughts and ideas down.  And these sweet crocheted flowers from the talented Kylie of Boutique Creations, to be used as part of Christmas gifts.

And to top it all off, the very generous Michelle of Michelle Soldatos Art & Photography gave me these gorgeous freebies with my cards purchases - overwhelming generosity.  An extra gift cars, plus this amazing canvas photo of Cesky Krumlov, and a magnet of the Arc d'Triomphe - how did you know i love Paris and Cesky Krumlov!! Thank you so much!!


Chicken Ink. said...

Thanks for featuring your purchase from Chicken Ink. on your blog! Very sweet of you and a bit exciting for me!

Tricia said...

Growing up with fairy pengins!!! That is pretty cool. I think they are such cute little characters.

ChallenCharms said...

I have always wanted to see those fairy penguins when in Victoria but always thought the trip out there from Melbourne was a bit long. Maybe one day. They look cute on the wall though :)

Michelle Soldatos said...

Thanks for featuring me on your blog. The canvas looks great ... I'm so glad you like them ♥

billy boy & mia said...

penguins are cute, but very noisy first thing in the morning under your house!

loving all my new treats :)

Narelle said...

Oh the penguins look gorgeous in your bathroom!
A lot of beautiful goodies you've received.