04 October 2009


see evidence!  I got up this morning to tulip destruction, and then sprung the cat contemplating her next victim.. i don't know why she likes eating tulips out of all the flowers.

today i made a sponge bag / wet pack / toiletry pouch lined with plastic with sweet felt letter words - it was a bit tricky with the plastic lining, but i liked the way it turned out in the end.  It is for sale in my madeit and etsy stores.

I also came home for the weekend to some more little parcels - this time the start of my Christmas shopping - some lovely Chrissy cards from Red Letter Studio gorgeously packaged - and a stunning 5 x7 photo from Michelle Soldatos Art & Photography with a couple of brilliant freebies, I was quite excited! A pic for my iphone wallpaper and a lovely gift card.  Unfortunately I can't show Michelle's amazing photo here as the Christmas gift recipient will see it!  However i did tweet about it here.


Little Eve said...

Beautiful pussy-cat! I think they're all quite naughty at heart. Love your new pouch. It'd be ideal for school camps and sleepovers.

{twin set} said...

thank you for stopping by our blog and for your lovely little comment!!

Don't you love it when things are packaged nicely. I think it is so very important.