13 December 2009

xmas is coming!

delcious fresh raspberries picked from my grandmas garden - they remind me of summer and of christmas.  it has been a very busy time and i haven't had much time to start getting excited about the xmas holidays, which i love .. So yesterday i took some time to get my decorations sorted and tinseled up a little jade plant in a pot as my tree.  So now my chimney is ready for santa!

The other week I helped out at the Variety Kids Xmas Party, so many kids, and they do an amzing job with rides and free presents to those that are less fortunate. Heres just a couple of pics - one of a ride spinning around, and one of a giant snowman from the party.



ChallenCharms said...

Hehe, your Christmas area looks a lot like mine. We have ours around the fireplace too. I shall have a post a photo on my blog.

handmade clothing at Lillipilli Lane said...

very nice, I can feel the Christmas spirit in the air, exciting. Well done on the charity work, I have been making some things for christmas charity too. Make someone's day a little brighter :)