22 February 2009


it was my sis-in-laws baby shower today, only a few weeks to go before they have their first child, very exciting! I found a great baby quilt at Savers, gave it a good wash and it looks new. Wrapped this up and added some mushroom ladybird fabric to the wrapping. I also added some bibs that I made today. They are not sure if its a boy or girl, waiting for the surprise, so I used yellows, some blue and prints. I love the print with the trees, it has to be one of my favourite fabrics.

15 February 2009


so I went to another cousins wedding last weekend, this time down on the beach at San Remo near Phillip Island, stunning bride and amazing scenery - just a shame it was 47 degrees c! So unbelievably stifling heat. how the bride & groom coped, I don't know, but they had a good day and thats the main thing.
looks like I'll be blogging once a week while I work in Bendigo. A great find though is all these zips at the Vinnies in Bendigo - I bought all i could find in the packets!
and just in time . . very exciting news is that my friend Tracey and I have had a stall accepted for the Maribyrnong Makers Market on the 14th march, so I started sewing more purses today and put those zips to good use.

08 February 2009


the lovely Jo from ruby-jo has tagged me to play the 6 & 6 game.

"Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same."

so my 6th folder is 'garden' and the 6th pic is of this little neighborhood cat sleeping under the tussocks on the naturestrip at the corner of my street. I had to get a photo as it looked like a great spot to have a catnap amongst the woodchips. My neighborhood has lots of cats, which includes my own, mia. Here she is lying in my garden near the gas meter, squashing my cushion bushes!

for the 6 pic game I tag Jogirls journey, snailblazer, emma rose art, michvanetta, smooch designs and handmade bits and pieces, you're it!

06 February 2009


just the last lot of purses I made . .
this is my third post in a row tonight . . i must be missing blogging during the week.

i just found a great giveaway on thea & sami's blog. Gorgeous hand screen printed mushroom fabric, go and take a look! They also have some great tshirts for sale here and I love these mice, talented people.


oh, and i made this little bunny for my friends new bub, Hamish. The blue material is an old flannelette sheet of sorts from Savers, its lovely and soft. He was nice to make, I'm going to have to do another for the shop.


I am participating in a crafty swap through the esty down under street team, Dust, my first swap! I am excited, and rightly so, look what I was in my letterbox this afternoon! These gorgeous silver star earrings from Crafty All Sorts. I know I am going to get loads of wear out of these. I am such an earring fan. I can't wait to post my parcel to my swap partner, I hope they enjoy the surprise.
Meanwhile I am back home in Melbourne from another Bendigo work week. Its good to come home, although I am off to another wedding this weekend. Luckily its at the beach so that should be good as its going to be 44 degrees c tomorrow! Hopefully there is a sea breeze.

01 February 2009


after:um, so it looks like theres been nuclear fallout in my backyard after the heatwave of 40+ degree days last week. Poor potplants. not sure if they'll make it back. Although a good excuse to buy new plants in autumn.