29 June 2009


the lovely Jo of LoveStamp has a started a 'Sunday Giveaway' showcasing crafty people and I am very lucky to be first up. I am giving away this softie, Barry Brown Pants, and this Rosebud zip purse. See Jo's blog for details on how to win, and keep in touch with her newsletters to see all the great giveaways coming up! and good luck!
Also thanks to all those lovely comments about my crafty goodies so far, I am very touched! :)

20 June 2009


I just finished and added to my online shops this new scarf, I love the fabric and the buttons. It is nice and soft. I need to make one for myself, and am going to look at lining one with some thin wadding for more warmth. I am freezing in my old house today! I've ordered some lovely red knitted hand warmers from Ariema, and wish I was wearing them now.

14 June 2009


I had to pop into the opshop to see if they had some fabric to make some cushions that would match my nana's old lounge suite, that I recently scored from dad's shed. Its a gorgeous deep peacock blue. My old couch was red, so I did need some new cushions. I found an actual cushion ready to use (the green one which has tiny touches of blue - sorry pic a bit blurry), plus some old tablecloths. So this afternoon I got the old husqvarna going.

Of course I had to make a couple of bags as well. Love the pear fabric, it has apples on the other side. Again I have recycled some tablecloths, I am adding these to my madeit and etsy shops.

10 June 2009

red door

I have been off the radar for a few weeks, the reason being I have just had my house re-plastered and painted, so no more cracks and a new gorgeous red front door. So the last few weekends have been packing and unpacking and cleaning plaster dust off everything. I think I have mopped the floors about 5 times in 2 weeks. I have only just set up the PC, but my sewing goodies are all still packed, I am waiting for some more shelves for the spare room to set up properly. Of course I am itching to get sewing! soon.

meanwhile, garry green pants goes bye byes. A lovely customer has purchased barry's big brother, so I popped in in the post yesterday. All my bunnies comes in a fabric bag as part of the packaging, this one is from a tablecloth i found at Savers. I hope he is enjoyed in his new home!