24 November 2009

media month


it’s been a crazy media month for me!  I had a full page in the Herald Sun Home magazine (metropolitan melbourne) on saturday 14th nov ...  I have 50 words in the ‘Peddler Sell Us Your Wares’ on the last page of this edition of Peppermint magazine ...  and I am fortunate enough to be the featured seller in the Designer Spotlight on madeit.  Wow.  

Loving the latest edition of Peppermint!

16 November 2009

rancho relaxo

I found this couch at the opshop and it was the best prop for two bunnies to kick back and relax on as part of my market stall on the weekend.  I think it'll be good for photos for the online stores as well.  I spent all of sunday uploading the market goodies to the online stores.  heres a couple other things I added, i think these pics turned out well.  It feels hit and miss sometimes!

12 November 2009


so i have put those opshop zips to good use and made a stack of purses for the Maribyrnong Makers Market this Saturday and have used reclaimed pillow cases, lovely sheets, tablecloths and fabric remnants.  The pale pink rose purse is actually the same material as my doona cover when i was growing up, though this piece comes from a pillowcase from the RSPCA opshop.  I'll add what doesn't sell to my madeit and etsy shops on sunday.

11 November 2009


My lovely sis-in-law in NZ sent me this pic of stunning peonies, like something from a classic painting.  I must try to find some locally!  Thanks Char xx

tassie cushions

found a great pure linen tabelcloth at the opshop today so made these cushions, now for sale in my madeit shop . . I have some more to make with the rest of the fabric.
also picked up these old zips, love the packaging!  Zip like lightning!

10 November 2009


so i stuck it out last night and had another bag making attempt, this time it all went much better!  I knew using the iron would make a difference!  So i have just added this bag to madeit.  yay! 


09 November 2009


its been a slow day and things went haywire with this bag, the lining in the strap is all a bit screwie - my fault for not using the iron when i should, the strap join is all wonky and half of the pocket is too small to get your hand in completely - so i think this may have to be a bag for me!  I do like the tablecloth print - fresh for summer.  I think my brain is addled today.  Maybe I just need to make some straight forward cushions, and have an early night!


Thank you to Jessica of Imagination In Flight and Bec from One Wise Owl who awarded me this Kreativ Blogger award!

The rules to follow in order to keep this award growing are:
1) Copy the picture and post it on your blog.
2) Thank the person that gave it to you and link to their blog.
3) Write 7 things about yourself we don't know.
4) Choose 7 other bloggers to pass the award to. 
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6) Notify your 7 bloggers.

My 7 picks are:

and here's the 7 things you probably dont know about me....
1.  I don't like vegemite but love promite on toast!
2.  A long time ago I was taught to drive a tractor and a motorbike
3.  I like to trim my own fringe with the nail scissors
4.  I have lived in France, the UK and Canada but Melbourne is home
5.  Hot weather and me don't agree, but i also feel the cold - i need 25 degrees!
6.  I share my house with a cat that likes to leave fur everywhere
7.  And I used to own a horse called Bill

Happy Monday and hope you all have a good week!

ooh and my Tuesday Oranges was in this Treasury . .

07 November 2009

jam drops

My mum, sis-in-law and niece dropped over yesterday, so i whipped up these very easy jam drop bickies for afternoon tea.  I actually made them while they were here waiting for the kettle to boil.  So if you want something quick and easy as a little treat, here's the recipe:

2 cups plain flour                   2 tsp baking powder
3/4 cup of sugar                    jam
125 gm butter                       2 eggs

Cream the butter and sugar - i cheated and semi-melted the butter first.  Add eggs one at a time beating well.  Got to love my ancient sunbeam mixmaster.  Add sifted flour (cheated here as well and didn't sift!) and baking powder.  Mix well.  Roll into small balls, place on a greased tray.  Press a hole in the centre, i just used my finger, and place a little jam in the hole.  Bake in a moderate oven for 15 minutes and yum!  Afternoon tea.  They would be good for lunchboxes too.

04 November 2009


Just made these cushions with brilliant retro teatowels and salvaged zips from the opshop.  Loving the colours.  I have listed them on etsy and madeit.  I love the 'tuesday oranges' one - what are the other weekdays i wonder.

spring carnival


well its spring carnival time here in melbourne and I have been to Derby Day and the Cup, and have Oaks day and Stakes to go, so its a full week but been great so far!  My 50's frock from etsy was brilliant yesterday - so comfortable.  Loving catching up for a bubbly with the ladies, seeing the horses and having a tiny flutter.  And love the gorgeous Flemington roses everywhere.