13 December 2009

xmas is coming!

delcious fresh raspberries picked from my grandmas garden - they remind me of summer and of christmas.  it has been a very busy time and i haven't had much time to start getting excited about the xmas holidays, which i love .. So yesterday i took some time to get my decorations sorted and tinseled up a little jade plant in a pot as my tree.  So now my chimney is ready for santa!

The other week I helped out at the Variety Kids Xmas Party, so many kids, and they do an amzing job with rides and free presents to those that are less fortunate. Heres just a couple of pics - one of a ride spinning around, and one of a giant snowman from the party.


02 December 2009

toothy pegs

just finished this time consuming wholesale order of 12 toothbrush pouches, all plastic lined.  They are for the new shop Lamington in Noosa, hopefully! They are a big mixture of recycled fabrics with salvaged demin, upholstery remnants, upcycled tablecloths and, of course, material from grandma's scrap box!


I was lucky as I had some spare time this afternoon as I volunteered at the Variety Kids Christmas Party today instead of the 9-5 office job.  It was great to see so many smiling kids enjoying themselves!