27 November 2010

fresh look

wow, time has flown by and i have either been very busy or completely slack.  it has just taken me 20 minutes to work out what my password was, it has been that long.  
In the last few months I have moved house, started a new role at work, celebrated mr mans 40th, and dust has been gathering on the Husqvarna.  Well today I decided it was time to do some sewing (while in my pj's of course) and I whipped up these new cushions for my new couch.  They are made from a woven tablecloth found at the opshop, an embroidered pillow case and old floral sheet from my mum, plus some gorgeous liberty fabric from my grandma's fabric stash.  A fresh look for summer!

18 August 2010


I have just returned from a lovely holiday in Nelson, NZ visiting some family and seeing some more of the gorgeous landscape, plus eating way too much yum fresh produce.  Some fantastic meals were had at Sachi and and at Hopgood's.  Plus at my brothers home - just delicious.
These pics are taken at Split Apple up in the Abel Tasman park and of the Neudorf winery.  We had such great weather over the weekend, sunny and warm.  Now I have the heaters blasting full bore back in melbourne.
We also dropped in to the Suter Art Gallery - I loved this work by Michael Parekowhai entitled Craig Keller, an amazing image seen better here.

07 July 2010


I've been snapping some pics with the phone when i have been walking around and i have finally managed to get some onto the computer.  Looking at them I can see a theme of contrasts.
The autumn leaf shot reminds me of a landscape with the contrast of the concrete and lush grass.  And the bright yellow boat is so vivid against the Maribyrnong river and majestic swans.  
My favourite would be this one . . my cat thinking she is a camouflaged tiger in the long winter grass.

19 June 2010

plates and chairs

i was spoilt by my dad and his wife last time i visited them.  we went perusing a local massive second hand store/barn/shed and after i picked out this gorgeous pastel cake stand and lovely art deco sandwich plate, they paid for them!  What a generous lovely treat.  I have used the sandwich plate a lot already, just the perfect size for cheese & bickies.  I love nibblies.  

I thought i'd also show you one of my fav spots for nibblies in my house - the lightwell - best when its a bit warmer,  but great for cuppas or a relaxing pre dinner wine.  I  have two of these vinyl chairs given to me by my elderly neighbour - very comfy.  I will have to ebay them soon as they won't fit in the new place.  Hmm, i think i have a lot of stuff to ebay come to think of it!

02 June 2010


its been a busy month and i haven't had much time to jump online nor crank up the sewing machine.  however i did find some time to whip up a few more tea towel cushions from my op shop and aunts collection.  i love the bright retro sunshine one and i always love an NZ tea towel - reminds me of my brother and his family over there.
also my aunt had this great lion and unicorn patterned tea towel - quite regal.  I have just uploaded all of these to my madeit shop here, plus a few others if you want to take a look. 

04 May 2010


thank you to Michelle, the talented lady behind Michelle Art and Photography, who awarded me this Circle of Friends Award. So for this award I need to share 5 things I love and pass it on to 5 others, so here goes . . although its hard to narrow down 5 things . . .

1. Home made condiments - I love chutney and relish and granny's plum sauce, a meal is not complete with some kind of yummy condiment on the side of my plate.
2. The sea - although I don't get there as much as I would like too, I grew up by the sea and love a rugged coastline with waves crashing and the salt air on my face.
3. Fabric - especially the sentimental scraps from family and any retro vintage sheets and tablecloths from the opShop.  I love the patterns and textures and have to touch everything.
4. My gorgeous nieces and nephew - it is so much fun being an aunty and i love spending time with them (and it's kinda good being able to give them back after crazy fun filled days).
5. Possum socks - just because its getting colder here in Melbourne, i have to mention i love warm socks, and the warmest i have found are made from NZ possum wool.  I love having warm feet (have to mention the electric blanket here too - my winter saviour!)

And now I nominate the following for the Circle of Friends Award!

02 May 2010


the postman delivered some lovely treats this week.  Some new earrings from Jess at Epheriell Designs which i can see will become a firm regular for their simplicty and adaptability - great for work and then evenings out.  plus I also received a lovely caramel beach glass pendant.  I love the worn smooth feel of beached glass and like to wonder about its history.

My second post package was some gorgeous soaps from Erin at Inner Earth Soaps. Good generous chunky size blocks with lovely scents and soft creamy lather.  You have to love handmade soap!

21 April 2010

pink poppy

finally got some sewing mojo back and made this pink poppy bag for my etsy shop using a gorgeous opshop floral tablecloth in soft caramel with a contrasting pink poppy.  I lined it with a soft salvaged white pillowcase that has similar pinks but in daffodils.  I was going to make a few more bags today but my friend dropped in so we ended up at the Happy River Cafe for lunch. yum!

14 April 2010

big happy weekend

it was a big happy weekend this last one.  my gorgeous friend got married, i sold some sweet tea towel cushions and i bought an apartment!  they say things happen in threes.  so there are some big changes ahead for me as i am downsizing on the road to financial independence.  i know i'll miss my little house but i'm ready for a change.

meanwhile today i made this tea towel nz wildflower cushion for an old friend who wanted one from my shop that got snapped up before i could reserve it.  i hope she likes it.

my friends wedding was brilliant on saturday, she looked beautiful, lovely service, the reception at a port melbourne pub was great - excellent food, stunning flowers, great speeches and some 80's dancing!  here are some of the flowers I have dismantled from one of the centrepieces, they were stunning all combined together but my cat ate all the tuilps!

06 April 2010


Happy Easter lovely people!  I hope you enjoyed a break and lots of yummy chocolate.  I had toasted hot cross buns with real butter for breakkie each day.  Yum.

And look at this little fellow I found lurking in my tiny lemon tree.  I love finding insects like this in the garden as it makes me think the tiny eco system I have created must be doing okay.

24 March 2010


every farm needs a good walking stick collection, handy for poking at huge toadstools in the bush that are the size of your head.

12 March 2010


the new christmas gumboots got a good workout down on the farm over the long weekend, herding steer, bush exploring, vegie gardening and generally keeping me safe from snakes! (I didn't see any).
The vegie garden was looking so lush and had ginormous zuchinis growing.
Plus there were loads of green tomatos for relish, and apples from the neighbours trees.  It was my first time making chutney, well helping.  I love a good condiment!  Now what to have with my chutney for dinner . .

07 March 2010

ruffles and storm

This morning while it was still raining, I made these bloomers for my niece's first birthday.  I used a Bettsy Kingston pattern I bought online through Funky Fabrix here, though I only did two ruffles and modified how I attached the top ruffle.  The material I used is from a pretty floral salvaged sheet from the op shop.  I can't stop looking at them, I love the ruffles and think they turned out well for a first attempt and without an overlocker.  I hope they fit her!

There was a giant hail storm in melbourne yesterday afternoon after a 27c degree sunny morning.  I was at the races at Flemington to witness some huge hail that covered the ground like snow!  It was amazing.  We walked up some stairs in the grandstand that had a flood of water pouring down them, it was very The Goonies!
The races were cancelled, and after sitting out the worst of the rain I walked home, and found one way back blocked by a flooded road.  It didn't stop this cyclist riding though knee deep water!

03 March 2010

i ♥ bees

these are some cool tassie cushions made from the same 100% linen souvenir tablecloth found at Savers.  I love the touch of floral motif to go with the tourist hotspots, though i am not sure how much of a tourist attraction the casino in Hobart is!  They are in my etsy shop.

Meanwhile its been a gorgeous day here, and some local bees have adopted my water bowl in my tiny front yard.  I love to watch them busy buzzing getting water for their hive.  I asked the local honey maker from urban honey if they were his bees, but he didn't think so as they stay close to their hive for water.  So i wonder if they are native wild bees or someones backyard hive.  I still love the idea they are busy making honey!  Tried a pic, but the bees are flying blurs!

10 February 2010


These two upcycled teatowels are at the post office on their way to their new homes!  The top one is a lovely bright Adelaide toweling tea towel found at the op shop today, and it's on its way to Shazzabeth as part of a DUST etsy craft swap.  The herb cushion, a lovely tea towel from my aunts collection, is making it's way to ZippyZippy.  Thanks, and enjoy!