03 March 2010

i ♥ bees

these are some cool tassie cushions made from the same 100% linen souvenir tablecloth found at Savers.  I love the touch of floral motif to go with the tourist hotspots, though i am not sure how much of a tourist attraction the casino in Hobart is!  They are in my etsy shop.

Meanwhile its been a gorgeous day here, and some local bees have adopted my water bowl in my tiny front yard.  I love to watch them busy buzzing getting water for their hive.  I asked the local honey maker from urban honey if they were his bees, but he didn't think so as they stay close to their hive for water.  So i wonder if they are native wild bees or someones backyard hive.  I still love the idea they are busy making honey!  Tried a pic, but the bees are flying blurs!

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LOOPI... for you said...

Ha, the casino has been on every souvenir tea towel and tablecloth I have used! One actually had casino chips as a space filler in between beautiful wildflowers and buildings.