14 April 2010

big happy weekend

it was a big happy weekend this last one.  my gorgeous friend got married, i sold some sweet tea towel cushions and i bought an apartment!  they say things happen in threes.  so there are some big changes ahead for me as i am downsizing on the road to financial independence.  i know i'll miss my little house but i'm ready for a change.

meanwhile today i made this tea towel nz wildflower cushion for an old friend who wanted one from my shop that got snapped up before i could reserve it.  i hope she likes it.

my friends wedding was brilliant on saturday, she looked beautiful, lovely service, the reception at a port melbourne pub was great - excellent food, stunning flowers, great speeches and some 80's dancing!  here are some of the flowers I have dismantled from one of the centrepieces, they were stunning all combined together but my cat ate all the tuilps!


Little Eve said...

Beautiful cushion. Weddings always bring a tear to my eye. Good luck to the happy couple!

billy boy & mia said...

thanks - there were tears from the bride and i always have to pack tissues for me too! Love a happy story :)

ChallenCharms said...

Beautiful cushion!
I have a friend's wedding to go to next weekend. Thankfully I found a dress last night - phew! Those flowers look gorgeous.

Creative Wishes said...

Love your tea towel cushions. Congratulatons on the new apartment too.