04 May 2010


thank you to Michelle, the talented lady behind Michelle Art and Photography, who awarded me this Circle of Friends Award. So for this award I need to share 5 things I love and pass it on to 5 others, so here goes . . although its hard to narrow down 5 things . . .

1. Home made condiments - I love chutney and relish and granny's plum sauce, a meal is not complete with some kind of yummy condiment on the side of my plate.
2. The sea - although I don't get there as much as I would like too, I grew up by the sea and love a rugged coastline with waves crashing and the salt air on my face.
3. Fabric - especially the sentimental scraps from family and any retro vintage sheets and tablecloths from the opShop.  I love the patterns and textures and have to touch everything.
4. My gorgeous nieces and nephew - it is so much fun being an aunty and i love spending time with them (and it's kinda good being able to give them back after crazy fun filled days).
5. Possum socks - just because its getting colder here in Melbourne, i have to mention i love warm socks, and the warmest i have found are made from NZ possum wool.  I love having warm feet (have to mention the electric blanket here too - my winter saviour!)

And now I nominate the following for the Circle of Friends Award!


Em said...

Thanks for the award! I do so wish I could stand still long enough to make chutneys and things!

Michelle said...

Yum chutney!! ... love a chutney sandwich. Those socks look so comfy perfect for our chilly Melbourne weather :D

twirlingbetty said...

THANK YOU (belatedly - sorry!) for this lovely award. LOVE the look of that chutney. Yum. And if a pair of your possum socks diappear off the line then it might just have been me walking past and finding myself unable to resist the cosiness.