24 March 2010


every farm needs a good walking stick collection, handy for poking at huge toadstools in the bush that are the size of your head.

12 March 2010


the new christmas gumboots got a good workout down on the farm over the long weekend, herding steer, bush exploring, vegie gardening and generally keeping me safe from snakes! (I didn't see any).
The vegie garden was looking so lush and had ginormous zuchinis growing.
Plus there were loads of green tomatos for relish, and apples from the neighbours trees.  It was my first time making chutney, well helping.  I love a good condiment!  Now what to have with my chutney for dinner . .

07 March 2010

ruffles and storm

This morning while it was still raining, I made these bloomers for my niece's first birthday.  I used a Bettsy Kingston pattern I bought online through Funky Fabrix here, though I only did two ruffles and modified how I attached the top ruffle.  The material I used is from a pretty floral salvaged sheet from the op shop.  I can't stop looking at them, I love the ruffles and think they turned out well for a first attempt and without an overlocker.  I hope they fit her!

There was a giant hail storm in melbourne yesterday afternoon after a 27c degree sunny morning.  I was at the races at Flemington to witness some huge hail that covered the ground like snow!  It was amazing.  We walked up some stairs in the grandstand that had a flood of water pouring down them, it was very The Goonies!
The races were cancelled, and after sitting out the worst of the rain I walked home, and found one way back blocked by a flooded road.  It didn't stop this cyclist riding though knee deep water!

03 March 2010

i ♥ bees

these are some cool tassie cushions made from the same 100% linen souvenir tablecloth found at Savers.  I love the touch of floral motif to go with the tourist hotspots, though i am not sure how much of a tourist attraction the casino in Hobart is!  They are in my etsy shop.

Meanwhile its been a gorgeous day here, and some local bees have adopted my water bowl in my tiny front yard.  I love to watch them busy buzzing getting water for their hive.  I asked the local honey maker from urban honey if they were his bees, but he didn't think so as they stay close to their hive for water.  So i wonder if they are native wild bees or someones backyard hive.  I still love the idea they are busy making honey!  Tried a pic, but the bees are flying blurs!