04 May 2010


thank you to Michelle, the talented lady behind Michelle Art and Photography, who awarded me this Circle of Friends Award. So for this award I need to share 5 things I love and pass it on to 5 others, so here goes . . although its hard to narrow down 5 things . . .

1. Home made condiments - I love chutney and relish and granny's plum sauce, a meal is not complete with some kind of yummy condiment on the side of my plate.
2. The sea - although I don't get there as much as I would like too, I grew up by the sea and love a rugged coastline with waves crashing and the salt air on my face.
3. Fabric - especially the sentimental scraps from family and any retro vintage sheets and tablecloths from the opShop.  I love the patterns and textures and have to touch everything.
4. My gorgeous nieces and nephew - it is so much fun being an aunty and i love spending time with them (and it's kinda good being able to give them back after crazy fun filled days).
5. Possum socks - just because its getting colder here in Melbourne, i have to mention i love warm socks, and the warmest i have found are made from NZ possum wool.  I love having warm feet (have to mention the electric blanket here too - my winter saviour!)

And now I nominate the following for the Circle of Friends Award!

02 May 2010


the postman delivered some lovely treats this week.  Some new earrings from Jess at Epheriell Designs which i can see will become a firm regular for their simplicty and adaptability - great for work and then evenings out.  plus I also received a lovely caramel beach glass pendant.  I love the worn smooth feel of beached glass and like to wonder about its history.

My second post package was some gorgeous soaps from Erin at Inner Earth Soaps. Good generous chunky size blocks with lovely scents and soft creamy lather.  You have to love handmade soap!