19 June 2010

plates and chairs

i was spoilt by my dad and his wife last time i visited them.  we went perusing a local massive second hand store/barn/shed and after i picked out this gorgeous pastel cake stand and lovely art deco sandwich plate, they paid for them!  What a generous lovely treat.  I have used the sandwich plate a lot already, just the perfect size for cheese & bickies.  I love nibblies.  

I thought i'd also show you one of my fav spots for nibblies in my house - the lightwell - best when its a bit warmer,  but great for cuppas or a relaxing pre dinner wine.  I  have two of these vinyl chairs given to me by my elderly neighbour - very comfy.  I will have to ebay them soon as they won't fit in the new place.  Hmm, i think i have a lot of stuff to ebay come to think of it!

02 June 2010


its been a busy month and i haven't had much time to jump online nor crank up the sewing machine.  however i did find some time to whip up a few more tea towel cushions from my op shop and aunts collection.  i love the bright retro sunshine one and i always love an NZ tea towel - reminds me of my brother and his family over there.
also my aunt had this great lion and unicorn patterned tea towel - quite regal.  I have just uploaded all of these to my madeit shop here, plus a few others if you want to take a look.