04 January 2011


I've been practicing my bias binding by cutting up an old towel to make into dusting cloths or kitchen hand towels.  Also I discovered I had to add the bias binding out of necessity to stop them fraying like crazy when they are washed.

I hope you all had a lovely New Years.
I spent some time at the farm and we managed to get the old four-wheel drive bogged in what looked like the black lagoon.  This was soon remedied by the trusty beast of a tractor, thankfully.  
After that adventure, it was very relaxing, with lots of eating and drinking, reading books and catching up with family.  A good end for 2010.


MayBrady said...

I've got a couple of towels I'm about to chop up into hand towels - thanks for the inspiration!

There's a bias binding maker at Cleg's I had my eye on recently. Because I need another gizmo-contraption-gadget. NEED.

Happy New Year! mb

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