24 July 2012

wedding diy

So I love a bit of crafty goodness, as you may gather, and I had to incorporate some in my wedding.  Getting some great ideas from the web, I sewed paper streamers - meant to be autumn colours - red, deep red and orange - though the red looks pink! (they took ages), 

made ribbon drink flags by cutting bamboo skewers to size and doing a little knotted loop of ribbon (easy),

and had a little working bee with mum and mother-in-law and sister-in-law to make confetti and confetti paper cones (again easy). I used white and a little bit of silvery tissue paper - stayed away from colours that could run if wet and stain.

 I also made all the bonbonerie by buying chocolate blocks and making wrappers using the drawings of friends kids and my nieces.  They were all doing these spontaneous drawings of us as bride and groom and as it was a kid free reception, i thought it would be good to include them in some way.  It was good as it was simple and quite straight forward to put together using my home printer on some thicker paper.

I also raided ikea for serving dishes and stemmed glasses to use as vases.

So overall, kept it simple with the flowers and lighting, and loved the overall look.  All the suppliers did an awesome job.  All these photos are by Adrian Tuazon Photography, the flowers were by Flos Florum, the marquee with lighting was The Marquee People